New Wine Must Be Poured Into New Wineskins

You’ll remember the parable in Luke 5 where the Pharisees confront Jesus on his infrequency of fasting.  If the Pharisees were related to Napoleon Dynamite, they’d say something like, “Even John’s disciples fast, gosh!” 

What the Pharisees saw as an opportunity to question His righteousness, Jesus saw as an opportunity to bring a paradigm shift.  The next few verses in this passage talk about the need a new paradigm has to be housed in a new framework.  One cannot house the new paradigm in the way things have been done before.  And this is encouraging.  Recently, I received some disheartening news, and it’s occurred to me over the weekend that perhaps the paradigm shift I’ve received in recent years needs to be housed elsewhere. 

And the reason for this necessity is seen in Luke 5:36—if you tear a patch from a new garment and sew it into an old one, it will tear.  Aslan said it best when he called the Sons of Adam and the Daughters of Eve in C.S. Lewis’ The Last Battle to move “Further up!  Further in!” 

To be further up and in requires a continual use of new wineskins, as each day requires that we allow God to be who He is.  And He’s not one to use things that have outgrown their use.  

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