Jenn and I have a good male friend and a good female friend that we thought would potentially make a good match. While we’ve (I’ve) been matchmakers for years, wanting people to have what we have in our marriage, we had actually yet to pull a double date together until last week! Go figure.

So, we had friend and friend and us over for dinner and Mexican Train Dominoes (not too crazy a game, Brian and Tracy!) and it was a good setup. Male friend brought a cheesecake for dessert and on his blog, he wrote something that was too good not to share:

“As I thought about the cheesecake, and the process of creating a cheesecake without a recipe—my first by the way—I began to wonder if me making it had a deeper meaning than me just exercising my knowledge of food. I could have played it safe and stuck with the old fashioned cheesecake, and it would have been enjoyed by all. But I chose to not do this. I chose to risk making something that had the possibility of tasting great, instead of just good. I had a pretty good hunch that the cheesecake would turn out really well, having made enough cheesecakes and trusting my prior experience with flavors. There was still, however, the risk that the cheesecake would fail…. But it was a risk worth taking because the rewards were much more sweet.

“Maybe I need to take this attitude more often. Throw away the recipes and risk. Those recipes were and are needed, as they provide the framework and structure for me to create a new cheesecake. But there comes a point where I need to trust my training and my experience to risk and show people who I really am, not only as a cook but as a person. I need to risk and show people what I am truly made of instead of playing it safe….”

A good word for us all. May we take the risks this week that the Lord calls us to take and see that life is sometime like a box of cheesecake (or was it chocolates?)!

And in case you were wondering, male friend and female friend should have date #2 this weekend! Rock on!

4 thoughts on “Pairings

  1. So fun! Brian and I were just telling some new friends here what fun it was to have couple friends like you in CA. We miss you! Next time we see you, we'll have to play some Mex Train dominoes!Now I want to know who the couple is you set up. So fun that date number 2 is this weekend!

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