Woodshop 101

Some of you may remember the Introduction to Woodworking class I took last spring at the local junior college. Awesome class. It showed me a thing or two on what not to do with wood, which is a very unforgiving medium. That is, wood likes to show your dings and scratches!

Given the amount of time I’ve had recently to get some honey-do projects done around the house, I’ve taken one of the funnest—and longest I’ve had around for awhile—first. I’m finally getting the used mantel I bought online last November sanded and resized to fit our fireplace area of the house. Nearly one year later, we’ll have a pretty awesome oak mantel to hang stockings on this Christmas (believe me, pictures will come later!). Woohoo!

But, let’s remember that wood is an unforgiving medium. There is many a ding and scratch on this puppy, but I’m doing it, so there’s that sweat—and blood—equity thing going on. There’s ownership in this mantel because I’m the creator (or recreator in this case) of it. And it will be around for everyone to look at and marvel and tell me how great it looks.

It’s amazing how much I’ve been wired to be like my Heavenly Father. Can’t you just see Him with us? Some of us take longer than others, have a few more splinters in our wood than the next person, but can’t you just see our Lord loving the work that He is doing in our own lives and hearts? He, too, has sweat over us as He poured out His energies into our lives, helping us when we needed it, loving the kudos people give us and Him about our latest accomplishment.

And like the splinters that went into my hand today as I—simply—picked a portion of the mantel up, the Lord has put His own sweat and blood equity into our lives as we rely on Him for our salvation and growth in the Christian life. May each of us not be afraid to live our lives in a way that relies on this fact, even with a few dings and scratches. The Apostle Paul said it best: “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10). Let us remember that we are masterpieces made by the Master!

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