Musings on Grace…from Spain

Today, I’m reading a bit of Teresa of Avila’s work Interior Castle. Teresa was a contemporary of Martin Luther in a different part of the same continent—Spain. She writes, “All that beginners in prayer must do is this: labor and be resolute, preparing themselves with diligence to bring their will into conformity with the will of God. This ability is the greatest thing that can be accomplished on the spiritual journey.”

Indeed, aligning our will with the Lord’s is indeed the greatest. What would it look like for you and I to do this? What sort of posture would we need to have internally to allow the Lord’s will to more fully reign within us? Might we need to stop negative thoughts as they creep into our minds? Perhaps we would need to acknowledge the fact that we’re broken ragamuffins, upheld only by the grace of God the Father, which is a good thing, as the Lord knows each of our imperfections. Echoing the words of the Apostle Paul in his letter to the church in Corinth, pause for a moment and ask the Lord how He is calling you, right now, as a colaborer with Him in this ministry of reconciliation, to first receive fully the grace of the Lord.

2 thoughts on “Musings on Grace…from Spain

  1. What I was struck by with the quote that you read was that it seemed the Theresa was saying that the prepwork was not necessarily aligning one's will with God's, but the labor and resolution to prepare to do so. I wonder what that resolution and laboring looks like in prayer and what the role of disciplines is in the a beginner's prayer life. –Rob Schannep

  2. Spaniard Schannep, I think this is the journey that the Pilgrim went on in The Way of A Pilgrim ( as he began his journey with his own spiritual director–how do you remain steadfast in the spiritual life, labor, provide for one’s family, etc., while following the Lord. The laboring and praying became so intertwined that they were one in the same, the goal for all of us followers of Jesus, thankfully with much grace as we get started.

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