The Journey Retreat

Sorry for last Tuesday’s absence, Enjoying the Surface readers!

I was on a wonderful retreat and want to use today’s post to share a bit of it with you. This past week was The Leadership Institute’s thrice-annual The Journey retreat and it was a real joy to spend the week with 20 Christian leaders who want to put Jesus at the center of their lives so that anything they do—professionally and personally—flows out of giving Him first priority in each day.

The retreat was at Pine Springs Ranch in snowy Mountain Center, CA (near Idyllwild) and was fabulous! I slept, ate and enjoyed the company of new friends and old friends (that is, friends I’ve known awhile, not that they are old…). A great week.

One of the things that the Lord showed me was that He is good. While this may not seem that big of a deal, I often forget, in the midst of my own scurrying and running around, that God is good. And in this reminder of seeing His goodness, I had the opportunity to trust Him just a bit more. Because you can only trust someone if you believe that they are good, that they don’t have it out to get you, that they want what is best for you. And God showed me pieces of this this past week through Scripture passages, through prayer time and through our Extended Personal Time, a time in the week where we go and spend 5 hours with God. A very restful time!

Speaking of which, take a moment to consider what God is currently showing you—how is He speaking to you right now? Where is He calling you to surrender more of your life over to Him and allow Him to heal broken areas of your soul? Remember as I did that God is good and worthy of our trust.

Be in prayer for my fellow participants at The Journey, that we would remember the things God showed us in the weeks ahead and live more in those truths.  I’ll keep you posted as we meet again in April.

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