Happy New Year!

As we change calendars and move into a new year, I’ve wanted to look back at what this year has been. For me, 2010 has been a year of challenge. To remember I’m not alone and surrounded by a great cadre of family and friends. To press on when tired or fearful. To accept the path God’s given me.

Two-thousand ten has also been a year of teaching. Learning to be more creative. Learning to do more with less. Learning to find the goodness in a tricky situation. Learning to trust others, God, and myself.

Most importantly, 2010 has been a year of growth. Of realizing the ability to lead. Of continually remembering the calling I’ve been given and to live from there. Of creating a posture of hospitality and welcome for our soon-to-be newborn.

I’m “expectant” for 2011 and all it holds. And am grateful for being able to walk this journey with you.

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Last week we just realized that we didn’t send Christmas cards and that is too late to send them cross the ocean(:. Last week we had a very blessed time caroling and sharing Christ in town. We went caroling at a shelter for homeless. We had a great time singing and sharing the Gospel and we brought pizza to all . Also, we went caroling at the Major Office, to the Maternity Hospital, to Old Folks Home and to the Cameroonians home. We printed out tracts that explain the truth about God becoming Man and we offered them on the street.Vero’s parents visiting us for three days, which was a big blessing. Here is a beautiful winter, is just snowing day and night. and is hard to keep David in house (:.

    We wish you a blessed Christmas and New Year.

    By grace,

    Liviu, Vero and David


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