Remaining Grounded in a World of Ungroundedness

In recent weeks, my extended family has experienced some crazy events that have really left all of us unglued. Some of us are sad. Others are angry. All of us feel frustrated at the situation we’ve been put into.

At first glance, a time like this is one of those times to rip your hair out and scream. Yet, if one can step back a little from our scenario, it’s a time to take a deep breath and seek out where Jesus is moving in the midst of it all. And He’s there. He’s there in the family conversations already had and still to be had. He’s there in the support from friends near and far. He’s there in the gentle reminders that what’s taken place is indeed impactful, yet not defining of who we are. Rather, it’s a reminder to remember who we are in Him as we turn to Him.

It’s a time to remember that our delight is found in the Lord and in His word. It’s a time to remember that our roots are deep, like this tree in Yosemite planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither, that whatever we do in the power of the Holy Spirit will prosper. Amen.

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