It’s the Christmas season.  The weather outside in southern California is not too frightful, but it recently brought a sickness to our home where words like “sore throat,” “phlegm” and “vitamins” were part of our daily vocabulary.

And wouldn’t you know, my schedule was quite busy, where there was enough to do that a day off, while probably needed, was not that easy to come by.  And so the choice was to either push through on my own strength or to admit my inability to do it on my own.   And it’s always easier to do one over the other.

This was also Peter’s journey.  As the Lord called Him to climb out of the boat and walk on water, Peter was faced with a similar situation—to admit that he could not do the seemingly incredible task on his own.  And so he stayed afloat as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus.

In this busy Christmas season, we, too, have the invitation from Jesus to rely on Him in our own lives’ situations that seem all too ominous, to keep our eyes focused on Him and remember that we cannot do it on our own.  As we follow Jesus, may we remember that He goes before us as He did for His disciples into Galilee, and look for His presence at this busy time of year, keeping our eyes fixed on Him and admitting to ourselves, and to others, where we could use their help, want their assistance, and need their grace.

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