The Apostle Peter: Living Out the Resurrection Life

Our own Easter celebrations earlier this week were much different than that of the first Easter.  Jesus’ disciples weren’t fully aware of the importance of His resurrection as they were perplexed an letdown.  Wasn’t this Jesus to be the political Savior for which they were waiting?  Scripture tells us that those like Thomas doubted.  You can imagine that the conversations they had over the weeks led them to fully understand what had gone on and what was to go on in the future.  Those must have been conversations that built up the trust and understanding of what had really gone on that leads us to see the hope we see in the book of Acts.

Fast forward a few weeks to Pentecost where we see that hope and confidence in the Apostle Peter.  Peter, who had so readily betrayed Jesus the night of His arrest, is a different man when we seem him in Acts 2.  This is where the Holy Spirit is first poured out on the Church.  On this strange and wonderful morning, we see a loud sound coming from heaven like a rushing and mighty wind.  And everyone there appeared to have divided tongues of fire above them, and they were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Verse 7 tells us that some in the crowd were amazed and marveled, saying “Look are not all these who speak Galileans?”  This group felt that they shouldn’t have known and spoke in the language in which they were speaking.  Others in verse 12 and 13 were perplexed.  Some mocked saying that the crowd was drunk.

And here we see how the Truth that Peter so truly believed in motivated him to live in a compelling and pleasing way.  Peter’s words in this first real public sermon for him are very attractive.  He goes on to talk about how the Prophet Joel and even King David both had foresaw the coming of Messiah and how Jesus had fulfilled so many of their prophecies.

What astonishes me the most in Peter’s words here is his confidence.

Is this not the same Peter who only a few weeks before is denying his relationship with Jesus?

The main reason for this difference we see in Peter is that he is no longer trying to do things on his own.  He is a picture to me of Isaiah’s words that it is “not by strength, not by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord.”  Peter gives you and I today a brilliant illustration of having the Lord fill our cup and living out a life that spills out onto others out of the overflow God gives us.

May each of us live out the resurrection life today that Peter so readily demonstrates!

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