Calm Trust in the Midst of Uncertainty

looking ahead

As I look to the future, we have some question marks on the horizon related to a new chapter that awaits us down the road.  It could mean moving, saying goodbye to what we’ve counted on for the past several years.  It could simply be a temporary relocation to the other side of town.  In any case, the mere fact that there are questions marks looming is enough to raise some levels of panic in my psyche.

And it’s here that I notice an inner need to begin to control.  To try to bring some stability to the swirling question marks of my current reality.   If you were to talk with some of those around me recently, you might find them saying I’m a bit more irritable as of late.  Whoops!  When you and I don’t have some ability of groundedness, I’m amazed at what can happen as our grasping for some small semblance of normalcy begins to unravel.  Granted, some of this desire is required– we need to know what we can count and we need to know what not to count on.  I need to be able to count on family around me and knowing friends are with me through thick and thin.  But any time we’re given these questions, it’s difficult.  It’s a hard place to be.

This was the reality of the people of Israel as they waited for exile.  They knew from prophets that it would happen.  They just didn’t know when or how.  And so it was here that Isaiah reminded them that “the Lord would be their rear guard,” and the same is for your and me today as well.  As we encounter whatever awaits near those imposing question marks of life, He is there in the midst of it.

And so, this brings about a desire to wait for Him   To wait.  And to trust.  Even though this trust is not full of calm.  No.  Calm implies a lack of excitement or disturbance.  And the mere fact that these question marks exist brings this about—what fun things could await us even with the tentativeness of the current situation? No, calm it definitely isn’t.  But in remembering that the Lord has gone before us, just as Jesus went to Galilee ahead of His disciples, I can look for His presence today.  I can seek Him out and not fear.  And so I trust, clinging to the Cross of Christ.

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