Calm in the Midst of…a Move

With all of our family’s belongings behind me, I found myself last month seated in a six-ton U-Haul truck.  We were two hours behind schedule, moving from what was home for the last year. And our unloading crew was still an hour west down California’s Interstate 10 Freeway.

Had I taken a moment to consider it, I might have noticed that some of my sweating that day wasn’t just from lugging boxes, scribbled in black Sharpie.  Perhaps some of that sweat was from wondering how many members of our church family would still be waiting on the other end to help us unload this beast of a vehicle.

Anxiety.  That gracious reminder of my need for God.

And so as I barreled down the highway–as much barreling as one can do in a moving van that you can’t really floor–I enjoyed the opportunity for a moment of calm, with my three-year-old riding shotgun (thanks, no airbags!).  And it occurred to me that this was her first moment sitting in the front seat.  As we were driving, I began to describe to her these things on the road that she had never been able to see before while seated behind the headrests in the back seat!  She was enthralled.  And after five minutes of conversation, nap ensued and the calm continued.

It was during this moment that God entered in.  More specifically, my soul recognized the God that had never left.  And in having all my limbs and extremities still intact at the halfway point of the move, it was an opportunity to praise God for His goodness.  For his provision.  For his constant care and concern.

And sure enough, friends and family met us in droves (so it seemed) to help us unpack.  Even a few friends were there that I had just called earlier that day to help us.  It was a reminder of my constant call to cast all my cares upon Him, for He cares for me.  And for you, it’s the same.  May each of us remember this ever-constant truth of God the Father each and every day.

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