Coming Up for Air

Does it ever feel like you need to come up for air?  Get to the surface after being submerged for far too long?  Your lungs are on fire with the need to get to the surface.  You exhale the spent air that was too long in your belly and you inhale a breath of fresh air deeply into your abdomen.

This has been my journey and so the final-for-awhile name change of the blog fits better than previous names.  Feelings of relief, freedom, fear, newness and excitement are all a part of the Surface.  Life on the Surface is a putting away of living underwater, and a putting on of new ways of living in the new world of air, storms, blue skies and sunlight.  Of warmth and starting again, rebirth.  Of choppy waves, birds and looking underneath to see where you once were, in a world of muted tones and darkness.  The Surface is much more real.  Here, there is noise—foghorns, squawking, and the crashing surf.  Here, there is light—sun, moon, stars, thunder.  Here, there is real life.   Here, there is growth.

Enjoy the Surface.